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June 29, 2011


Car crashes in on couple lying in bed

(Thanks to Dan Barr)


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Did the earth move for you too sweetie?

Language person shouldn't this read, Car crashes on couple who were lying in bed?

This assumes that, Come back here Mr. Language person.

Alcohol is believed to be a factor in this crash.

I for one am shocked.

That's ok, Jeff - alcohol was a factor in them going to bed together.

Hey, this is WOOD TV...the couple were doing more than just laying in bed! ;)

Snork at tw!

Also, who knew Mrs. Butterworth had a hospital named after her? (Do they have syrup for everyone days?)

Were cell phones involved?

They were studying pictures of Anthony Weiner's wiener at the time, funny man.

Alcohol involved on Barry Street? I am gobsmacked.

Is there a Ford in your future ?

That would give ya a heart attack.

Men always LIE in bed! Then they don't call you... or you could hire a car.

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