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May 25, 2011


"Hi, honey! What's for dinner?"

(Thanks to The Perts)


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As Steve Martin said in _The Jerk_, "Waiter, there are snails in my food!"

"Missuer, there are supposed to be snails. You ordered them uncooked when you ordered escargot."

Tastes like __Chicken__ eel.

Have them for dinner? What do they like to eat?

These are relative midgets. Banana slugs are over twice as big. Sometimes they are human size.



You are dead on concerning banana slugs. Living in Vancouver, which is essentially a rain forest with buildings added, we have slugs....lots of them.

But the banana slugs are in a class by themselves. Gardening, my wife encountered one for the first time...her shriek of terror was probably heard in Maine.

Slugo was one of my favorite comic book characters.

I don't eat anything that is creepy, crawly, or slimy. Yuck.

Shoot. That's nothing. You should see the slugs we have down here in Texas. Now those are big slugs.

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