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May 28, 2011


The Dutch government said Friday that it will ban tourists from buying marijuana from the Netherlands' famed "coffee shops."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And yet the so-called United Nations does nothing.

"This will not stand."

--The Dude

Thank goodness I can speak Dutch. That way I can tell my fellow countrymen they are not allowed in those establishments.

That'll last about as long as Key West City Hall's attempt to enforce antinudity laws during Fantasy Fest a few years ago: After one touristless season, the uprising among local merchants sent that one to the Museum of Blue Laws.

Sven's not here.

Look for upcoming Frito and Oreo gluts in Belgium and Germany.

What about the hookers? Are we banned from that too?

Today I had to instruct my daughter in the use of pot as a food spice. Just to satisfy her curiosity.
This was just before I stopped her from stepping on a 2 1/2 foot Copperhead, which was so mellow that I suspected that she'd (the snake) been smoking something.
She wandered above the path, stopped so I could take her picture, then went right back across the path between the humans standing there.
Good lesson; if you don't get excited, snakes don't know they're scary.

Before anyone asks, I like girl animals better than boys. So if I don't really know, it's a girl.
(I could check but that upsets the snake).

When I taught high school geography, one of my students wanted to know where Amsterdam was and if you could drive there. He was not one of my better students.

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