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May 31, 2011


Do not mess with them.

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and PhilinTexas)


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Is that a penis in your piece of polythene, or are you just...

We won't . . .

Don't have to worry about that dude being a repeat offender. True justice.

I don't think he's going to be getting better, especially when he has to explain to his wife what happened.

They're not reattaching it? Then I'm afraid there is no hope for him.

"If your erection is missing for more than four hours..."

how many times do we have to tell you guys this? dont make me come back there.

The lady in question.

I'd suggest staying off her lawn, if she has one.

The severed penis was kept at the police station, and the rape suspect was undergoing treatment in the hospital.

Police plan to display the severed penis and even
loan it around to various schools in an effort to
"scare the hell out of aggressive men".

No means no. Guys: take notes.

Good for her! They probably would have reattached it but the Jhalakathi policemen and doctors were too busy running around screaming after they saw the severed part.

That Bobbit guy and this perp should start a self-help group. "My name is John Doe and I've been ***isless for 5 years..." .


Now he's Banglanuthin'.

Guess he didn't notice that her wings were closed.

I'm a man. But if the details are true, good for her.

Did they check to see if the DNA matched, or just the part?

I wonder if she has a large following on Facebook?

Wait, this wasn't part of "The Hangover 2"?

The crack defense team says their client will plead not guilty, as that is NOT his penis... Though there might be a slight flaw in that strategy.

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