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May 31, 2011


Girl has more than 30 ants in her ears

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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WTFBBQ does eating snacks have to do with ants in your ears?

i cant hear you, i have ants in my ears.

SHe was lying down in bed, eating, leaving crumbs, and the ants attacked her.

My aunt did that once, but I left.

Better than ants in your pants I guess. I had five wasps in my pants when I was about 11.

I am not going to ask LeDud a stupid question. Even though I really want to. I stepped in a red ant hill a few years ago and had no idea the little sh%t's could bite so hard. I was pulling my pants off as I ran into the house to get in the shower.

Since you asked, we had a hornet/wasp football shaped waspnest outside my 2nd story bedroom window. The 1955 modern window design made it impossible to get at the nest from the inside. I watched it grow every day (like an ant farm) and one day the varmints crawled inside through a crack. Time for school, jumped in my pants that where on the chair next to my bed....BINGO....5 wasp stings, fortuneately all on the rear. There were probably 50 wasps in all in my room.

We're trapped in a world of giant ants.

OW, LeDud. I had a similar experience. Jeans had been on the clothesline...wasp crawled inside the pants before I took them down and stuck my legs in. I took them off quick.

I fell off the back of my cousin's bike once and sat down in a fire-ant hill. Wearing shorts. Me, not the ants.
I can get along fine with spiders, snakes, wasps, and bees. But I would nuke a fire-ant hill with no qualms.


I can relate. I own a condo near Tampa. I periodically visit it (I'm Canadian, we are all suckers for punishment), given that because of the housing prices in the US, I have been unable to trade it for a Snickers bar.

Last time I was there I inadvertently stepped on a fire ant nest. Within seconds, I had about 200 of the aggresive little ba$tards climbing up my leg, stinging the crap out of me.

I went to the gas station, bought about 20 bucks worth of over-prced gas, and initiated a bonfire on the nest. It probably didn't do much good, but I felt a heck of a lot better.

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