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May 26, 2011


A MR WHIPPY ice cream vendor has been beaten and robbed in New Zealand after he refused to dish out free soft serve.

(Thanks to Joe in Japan and Jeff Meyerson)


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Would arming him make him Mr. Pistol-Whippy?

I hope no children were around to witness this. I'm also happy to hear this happened in New Zealand otherwise I would be suspicious of my son-in-law. I was going to my daughter's house one day and passed him as he was running after the ice cream truck with money in hand. It takes him an hour to mow 50 sq. ft. of lawn but he can run 30 mph behind an ice cream truck.

Also, Mr. Whippy wbagnfa porn star.

Maybe that's why the Pa. ice cream man had a bottle of
urine in the freezer section...it was a "freebie" for those hard to please customers.

*snork* at KJP - good one

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