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May 24, 2011


Stowaway groundhog creates a mess inside Pennsylvania man's car

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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"He called his mother, Sharon Duncan, who was brave enough to get in the car and start cleaning it."

Moms rock.

I have one of the little ba$tards in my Pennsylvania yard. Creates havoc with the garden.

Isn't that why you have a .22?

The mom's laugh is over-the-top! Annoying, really.

wiredog, yes I do as well as a 9 Glock. Unfortunately I live within the city limits where they go all handcuffy on you if you discharge a firearm.


Don't drive angry!

Six more weeks of crap.

So, he saw a groundhog and screamed like a girl, then called for Mommy?


I would like to know what the policeman, State Wild Life Officer and the Mayor were doing while mom was cleaning out the car. I assume they were standing next to Junior screaming.

We have a veritable underground groundhog metropolis in the middle of one of our barns.
My wife was investigating one of these mysterious holes in the floor of the barn when suddenly she disappeared below the knees.
I thought it was hilarious but she appears to be humor-impaired in some cases.
In any case, she declared that either they go or she does, so I'm considering my options.
And thank goodness she doesn't read these comments.

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