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May 24, 2011


Princess Beatrice's 'Toilet Seat' Hat Sells for Over $130,000

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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Birth control device.

oh, those whacky royals. they obviously hijacked her brain. if she had one.

The editors seemed to have missed an obvious error: The quote marks should be around 'hat'.

d@mn! that would've been a perfect birthday hat for siouxie

oh my. i had read some banter about this hat on the blog but i did not watch or read up on the wedding. this is the first time i've seen it.

that. hat. is. special.

it's at least 10" tall.
it's an obvious prank.
it's a dr. suess toilet seat.
it's an octopus trying to take a crap.
it's a pachyderm's i.u.d.
it's a klingon thing
it's 3-d graffiti

wait, did dave swear he didn't make this up?

Siouxie's already got one. Annie saw it.

mud, you forgot...dueling sperms

I agree with Mudstuffin. I think it looks like a toilet seat also. The only good thing about this "hat" is the money from the sale goes to charity. I sincerely hope Dave enjoys it and wears it often. This hat would be great for your next book cover, Dave.

yeah i can totally see the dueling sperms...

You can buy a knockoff (pardon the pun) at Lowes for
under $50, and if you are creative talented you can make your own version with parts from Lowes for under $10.00.

Who says America is done for can't compete?

Such a pretty toilet seat at that. It's perfect for you Dave.

I'm still tring to figure which is more scary, the hat or those eyes.

Appears to be glued to her forehead. Maybe that's why she looks so wonky.

Good grief, her teeth look like they were stolen from Mr. Ed!

Uh oh, someone left the toilet seat up.

NanNu NanNu, because it's (she's)not from this planet.

she's wearing a hat? i didn't notice, i was dazzled by her perfect smile. doesn't she know she's English? forget the hat, whose teeth are those?

She'd probably wear a murban.

Opulence. I has it.

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