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May 26, 2011


Elma, Wash., dairy princess is lactose intolerant

(Thanks to Sharon Chapman)


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I wouldn't put up with it either

The Lactose Intolerant Dairy Princesses opened for the Bangles back in 89.

Do as I say, not as I drink.

2 years? How long is she going to be the princess?

What a hater. I think it's kinda icky when someone's missing a toe, but I wouldn't say I'm intolerant.

Can you say 'irony' boys and girls?

I knew that you could.

When she laughs, do soy beans come out her nose?

Well, they used to but she was a lot younger back then.

Intolerance of any kind is disgraceful, especially against people who lack toes.

I once had a patient in the ER who ran over her foot with a lawn mower. She also lacked toes after that incident.

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