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May 26, 2011


Lowe's toilet-smuggling theft ring busted

(Thanks to funny man)


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One of my friend's had a son that did things like this. He would get a large box fan, take the fan out of the box, and then fill the box up with DVD's, jewelry, electronics etc. while only paying about $20.00 for the fan. He also sold her antique bedroom suite one day while she was at work. He should be out of prison in a few years.

*snork* @ "There is nothing 'Lowe'r..."

...and thanks to the meddling Imperial Federal government, these were Lowe-flow toilets! (Dave has had a thing or two to say about this in the past...)

Police had nothing to go on??????

Similar scam; bring in your old whatever "so I can see if the new parts fit". Then swap the old for the new.

On opening the box when I got home I discovered that I had just bought a used & abused part.

Explaining that to the people at the returns desk will get you a lot of "yeah right sure" looks.

Such fascination with toilets.

Now if those were Pentagon-approved toilet seats this wouldn't work-- take that you IG auditors!

The johns were equally guilty.

Question: why would you assume that you weren't on camera in any department of Lowe's? I've never looked for the cameras but I presume the firm is in the same century I'm in.
Might-be-related-topic: Back in the 60s, a friend took a course in criminal law. The professor brought in a professional shoplifter to give a talk.
He arranged a demonstration with local big-box store, with management's cooperation as a test.
The man proceeded to shoplift a canoe. He walked it right past a security guard and got the guard to open the door for him.
I know how it was done and, for the right price, I'll talk.

They learned this from cereal companies and perhaps
CrackerJacks, with a "prize" in every box.

Sometimes, due to human or mechanical foul-up, some
of the boxes so labeled did not have a prize. I got a
few like that.

So the smark ass punk thinks "Hey, what if I pack this with my own "prizes"? And a bad career choice is launched, or so I hear.

Glad these crooks got flushed out.

@abbie normal
The moral of the story: Inspect your purchase before you leave the store.

When I worked as a nurse in the prison the prisoners told me which stores were the easiest to steal from. Being a good citizen, I called one of the stores (rhymes with Tears) that was mentioned many, many times. They still haven't done anything to fix their problem and that was a couple of years ago.

So that's why their profit margin is Lowe...

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