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May 27, 2011


Simple Emergency Toilet

(Thanks to Steve @ Secret Location)


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Are you kidding me... my coworkers can't even use a regular toilet without getting wee all over the floor.

Or, in the case of women, all over the seat.

I prefer the Postman's approach.

I've heard that many foreigners are less inhibited about personal matters than Americans.
I'd be deathly afraid of verbally reenacting the bathroom scene from Austin Powers.
Some (?) of that site was rather strange. The link to the Japanese Make-up Commercial said, "This foundation will make your skin look so pretty that you’ll attract the attention of random white dudes."
No thanks! I'm already pretty random.

What's with the handful of pills he put in first? Is that supposed to inspire him, like putting wooden eggs in a hen's nest?

I hope American employers seeking to minimize downtime for employees having to go to the euphemism don't get any ideas.

Too bad the Pooping Portland Postman didn't have one in his sack.

Jeff he could have used his mail bag. Not meaning to toot my own horn but, I'm going to be an extra in a movie this afternoon. They have started filming a lot of movies in our area. I think it's because we all work cheap. Or free! The name of it is Hunger Games and it stars Woody Harrelson. I'll be girl #425 walking by a train. I just hope the train isn't moving because I would hate to wind up being a special effect. If I can I will sneak a wave in to everybody.

This guy looks a bit constipated.

I think I missed the finale.

DId Hiro save the world, get the girl, and go to the bathroom?

The plotline needed a few dumps, if ya ask me.

It is wrong that he looks like he is in a Super Cuts.

I read The Hunger Games trilogy, cindy. I'll have to see the movie for sure.

Wear a Dave Barry for President shirt.

NC-- glad to hear you're doing your part for health care reform.

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