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May 27, 2011


Iowa bar owners ticketed over illegal mouse racing

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Isn't it essentially the same thing when what's-his-name and what's-her-name race down Main Street in Orlando?

"It's not like they are getting ate, if you're a loser you die. Not like that at all," said Scott.

'nuff said.

Mouse racing is entertainment, entertainment for family, friends and its something to do on a Sunday afternoon," said Scott Beach, owner of Bucktail Lodge.

Fine sir. Then we're calling in the health department.

I'll stick with the Coca Cola 600 this weekend in Charlotte.

Illegal Mouse Racing open for The Bieb.

what about legal mouse racing, eh?

It bugs me that "gambling without a license" is a criminal activity but Wall Street runs a much larger con and is rich and celebrated.
I bet every cop involved in this has life insurance. That's gambling, too. When they bought the insurance, they were chuckling to themselves, "Hoo boy, I'm gonna show them! I'm gonna die, then I'll be rich!"

I'll wager that Iowa has no law against iguana racing. South Florida could help out by sending them, oh, one million or so - Free!

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