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May 26, 2011


How Nazi Scientists Tried to Create an Army of Talking Dogs

(Thanks to Kjetil, who says, "What's that, Lassie?")


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One of my favorite characters is Ralph von Wau Wau...
Best quote: "Possession is nine tenths of the paw."

I love my dogs but they aren't the brightest bulbs in the hallway, iykwim. I would like to know what they're saying to the UPS driver and the mailman when they are barking furiously at them.

It's not that dogs are smart. It's more that people can be incredibly stupid.

NC, they are probably teling UPS and USPS to give them a treat and they can take anything they want in the house, even the owner.

Annie, I thought I was the only one who knew that secret re stupid people.???????

I love my dogs but they aren't the brightest bulbs in the hallway, iykwim.

Neither is Mr. Cage, cindy.

Our dogs used to bark at the UPS truck until we started getting deliveries with dogtreats 'inside' them (yes, I snuck them in, in the hopes of calming the dogs down). They still bark at the truck, but now they're like, "Wait, wait come BACK! Stop Heeeeere!"

The project was doomed from the start-- barking is way easier than learning German.

What's that boy? Adolph's fallen in the well?

Sounds a lot like a movie Mr. Cage would get into.
Especially if they had a hidden treasure or treat.

Just what I need a talking dog to bitch me out when I come home late......

We're pretty sure Stewie is plotting a coup. You can see it in his eyes.
But strangers can see Joey on the street and see that his account's overdrawn. He loves everybody but if you look deep into his eyes, you see space and stars.
Pinky and The Brain.

Nazi: Hitler wants an army of talking dogs.
Scientist: No problem, I have some right here. Just one thing - you will need me around to translate.

The dogs learned how to talk and the SS troops learned how to drink out of the toilet.

We're getting ready for severe storms tonight. The TV has the warning going across the screen but thanks to my 120 lb. lab, Daisy, I already knew they were coming. Whenever it get's stormy she hides under my coffee table. If she stands up without moving from underneath it she looks like a turtle with a maple shell. She usually does this about 30 mins. before they hit. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Well, where would YOU rather be? In a warm laboratory in Berlin with a project guaranteed not to produce results before the end of the war, or testing explosives on the Russian Front? The dogs may not have been smart, but the scientists sure were.

All they got was a dog that said "I weib wou" on JawoleTube.

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