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May 26, 2011


Introducing the world's biggest saw that can cut through mountains

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Obviously this was invented by a man. A woman would just tell you that you don't need to cut through a mountain.

got a little attitude today, nurse?

(moons while escaping in a shopping cart)


That's great but can it do the dishes?

mudstuffin, are you showing your glistening white buttocks again? Siouxie may have a machete but I have this. Moon a little closer, mud.

thanks for the injection.

now back to your original thought: a woman would tell you to "put that damn thing down and fold the laundry already."

Father's Day is coming soon.

Just a reminder.

Something for Maria to buy with the divorce money-- should be able to handle the Terminator.

Yes, I need that.

Imagine the birdhouse your neighborhood handyman could build with that.

I see it is referred to as a "mighty tool."

If Disney company wanted to make some REAL money, they'd come up with a way to let grade-school boys operate equipment like this.
Bet that could take out Universal in about a minute.
Just sayin'.

if you sent it to washington it would just get clooged up with all the bullsh*t.

I saw the human version of that at Hometown Buffet.

And it ain't working because of a software glitch.

That might be the biggest extender a guy could ever own.

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