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May 25, 2011


People of Austin head down to the river to swim on hot days. We decided not to jump in.
Nutria w pigeon

The hottest ticket is the nightly exodus of one and a half million1 bats from under the bridge.
Bats n building 2
1 True fact.


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rats, and rats with wings.
none tasty. feh.

Look, Guin - water!

Two things I encountered in Austin a few years back: Great barbecue, and pretty good Indian cooking. Neither on the Riverwalk.

Before you leave, be sure to go two-stepping at the Broken Spoke and take a topless swim at Barton Springs.

To show you how animal savvy I am I thought the rat was a beaver. I wouldn't go within a mile of that thing. Same with the bats.

Just don't tell anyone about Gruene Hall.

Thats a muskrat isn't it ? (or Austin IS the missing link)

If nursecindy goes to Austin she will be easy to pick out. She'll be the one walking around downtown with the shotgun slung over her shoulder.

it's actually a "nutria."

Wiredog - the Riverwalk is in San Antonio, and San Antonio is a DUMP. Austin, on the other hand, is the coolest city in the Southwest and, except for MAYBE Los Angeles and New York, the coolest city in the U.S.

muskrat sally, muskrat sam....
they are all rodentia and i aint innnerested.

But queensbee, how many things can you swim with that have orange teeth?

And, yeah, they are batty about bats down there.

I watched the Autin bats take off from under their bridge one evening. It took 20 minutes for this continuous black line to break as they went bug hunting along the Colorado river.

Cheesewiz, I hope you had your Murban on when you saw those bats! Otherwise they can lay their eggs in your hair! Elon, if you have a guy that has just eaten some Cheeto's you can swim with someone with orange teeth. Also I would have two shotguns over my shoulders. Just in case I drop one.

MMM -- Nutria!

BLECCHH -- pigeon.

That iphone guy is sure friendly. Its like he's not really a person.

snork @ Annie. I forgot that there is one incredible place near Austin that I've always wanted to go - their "natural" spring-fed swimming pool. It looks incredible.

Barton Springs./>

Barton Springs feels a lot colder than 68 degrees. One of my German professors at UT would convene her summer classes at waterside when the spirit moved her. Keep Austin Weird

A nutria, huh? Well, alright then. Thank God it's not a rat.

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