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May 28, 2011


A Zimbabwean police sergeant got in trouble for piddling in the presidential privy without permission, official said.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Say "piddling in the Presidential privy" three times fast.

Now that I've untied my lips, thank you very much Jeff, I would just like to say, when you gotta go you gotta go.

Hey, the spammer's mocking you, cindy.


Thanks Jeff. When I get finished with him, he or she is going to need some spammer repair parts.

Maybe spammer will be piddlin somewhere he ain't supposed to ???? ha

I can sort of understand it - Mugabe WAS sitting on the pot at the time.

Police had nothing to go on.

Feh. Another tin pot dictator who's a dic about his tin pot.

Bet it was a guy dare.

"Hey Alois, betcha won't pee in the President's Privy!"

"We double dog dare ya!"

Since it's Robert Mugabe's privy, the cop will be lucky if he keeps his head.


Piddle on the spammer. Although that was a step up from the usual stuff.
Also, the President listed in the article seems to be something of an ass.
(I had to specify which one. These things can get complicated).

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