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May 27, 2011


How often did your child fill his or her diaper today? How quickly did you take care of the messes? If a new iPhone app which includes a "Poo Management" feature is any indication, these are questions you should be able to answer.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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If you need an app to manage your baby, perhaps it's a sign you're not ready to have a baby? just sayin'

Coconuts I agree. Also tracking your child's potty habits isn't as exciting as you might think.

*makes flowchart*
Is baby crying? Yes/No
Yes - Is baby hungry/poopy ... No - rejoice
Baby hungry - feed baby
Baby poopy - change baby
Put baby to bed.
return to beginning... Sleep next decade.

Also, maybe it's time to step away from the iPhone and into a 12 step program.

Poo Management, on the other hand, WBAGNFA Adam Sandler movie.

If the iStink app on your baby's iPhone texts the oS**t poo management app on your iPhone, you need counseling.

Starfleet kept track of the Captain's Log.

ooo, tracking anybody's potty habits is not exciting..............

My kids are grown now. I remember that the only bowel habits we were overly concerned about were the ones we called "flaming squirters".

Snork @ Jeff!

They have a similar Poo management app for Adults,
as well as Pee/Pooh reminder apps.

They also have a non-Computer RFID-chip and radio transmitter "wrist watch" so you can track and locate your kids, the elderly, and the unbalanced.


I attended a seminar where one of the presenters had
a $400 "course" to teach you how to use your basic calculator (Which itself most often cost less than ten dollars).

I though, and made the comment that if people "buy" this, Why not develop and market a course that teaches
people how to wipe their behinds? (I'm sure with sufficient, clever marketing, it'd be a virtual gold mine.)

Snork @ Clankazoid!

iPoo and iPee
on my iphone...

too funny!!!

Do they have an app. called iGiveUP?

The upgrade will be a fully automated version with wireless sensors, along with a nannybot that cares for the kids. Then you can enjoy virtual parenthood without actually handling the precious bodily fluids.

There's a crApp for that.

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