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May 24, 2011


Kim Kardashian and Snooki stop the haters in new reality-comedy H8R

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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what kind of a STUPID NAME is That??!

How asi9.

I've heard a nasty rumor, via an article sent to me by Jeff Meyerson, that Stephen King has decided to remake Carrie with Lindsay Lohan in the starring role. Dave needs to have a chat with him.


butt will there be 3somes?

Trying to come up with a hand sanitizer joke here...

I miss Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears.

God help us!

I think the sane world did end last Saturday. This proves it.

it is a vast wasteland.
geezers will know what i am talking about.

This 4nik8in' show will actually cre8 more h8rs.

I'm German so I'm saying 9 9 9.

Donald Trump could score the best Nielsen rating in history if he'd just go before the cameras and set his hair on fire.

Or let us H8Rs set his hair on fire.

Oh, yeah, that's defin8ly the way to turn us in2 snooky fans -- have her come barging in at us and get all up in our grill.

By my calculations: 2 ( . )( . ) + (_!_) x 2 + ++++... = 69

....butt i've been wrong before...

Now don't you wish The Rapture had happened?

I grew up watching re-runs of "The Jackie Gleason Show" and "The Honeymooners." THAT was entertainment. Oh, how sweet it was!

I so agree, Minx. A few years ago I bought several Jack Benny Show DVD's. I love them and in my opinion that is true entertainment. Jack Benny and Rochester are still funny after all these years.

Now cut that out!

It's a 4gone conclusion, sandy.

Good one Jeff!

Ah, classic TV (like you were referencing above, not this new stuff) - we went to see "Say Goodnight, Gracie" a few years back with, I believe Frank Gorshin as George Burns. Incredible. Towards the end I admit I was crying but the guy next to me was bawling.... Love pulling out those DVDs. (Burns & Allen)
I didn't realize that I was old enough for the geezer bus but please save me a seat.

So when is Dave going to be on the show?

Oh how I agree that Jack Benny was comedy. I also enjoy watching old Red Skelton shows too. George Burns good also.

yuk, yuk, yuk.

We are going to have to get a second or third geezer bus - there is a lot of us on this blog. Red Skelton, Carol Burnett with Harvey Korman & Tim Conway - good stuff. Black and white tv.

The Canadian government recently refused entry to Snooki, on the basis that her mere presence of this pathetic skank in our country would risk destroying the last remnants of our country's culture.

So, my American friends, you're stuck with her. But all is not lost...you still have Celine *snicker*

OKOKOK...to avoid lawsuits against His Daveness or me personally, Snooki was NOT denied entry to Canada..merely wishfull thinking on my part.

But given that she probably has no idea of where Canada is, or actually what it is, (and we are grateful for that..bless the New Jersey school system), we are still safe.

How can you talk about classic television without The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?
No one since then has had the unique ability to make you laugh by NOT saying anything.
Whatever you do, don't throw that tomahawk.

So true, Steve. Johnny Carson was the best. I always wanted to be on his show but the only achievement I had before he retired was the fact I got 3 A's on a report card. Leno, Conan, and Letterman can only dream of being 1/2 as good as he was.

Plus Lenack and Conak don't sound half as cool and lame at the same time.

On a similar note, while trying to explore how the heck this show came to be, I came across a show named "Nikita". I had no idea there was a TV series for teens devoted to Khrushchev. He never struck me as a hip and happening guy.

I remember nearly all those shows when they WEREN'T re-runs. I'm King of the Geezers!

Damn, you scared me for a second there, Afkat. I was almost ready to cancel our trip to Canadia this summer.

Cathy, I believe Say Goodnight, Gracie is playing off-Broadway at the moment. I was thinking last week about how both George Burns and Bob Hope made it to 100. Sadly, Frank Gorshin is gone too now.

*makes sure left turn signal on geezer bus is in working order*

My mistake. I checked and the show is actually playing in Peekskill, NY with Alan Safier (who he?) as George Burns.

Sorry, Didn't work, I still hate both of them.

Too bad we can't deport the skank midget back to Chile where she was spawned.

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