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May 26, 2011


#127 - Anything involving interaction with other people.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan and Chris Elzi)


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Judi, I need a copy of that list. My old one, circa 1969, only goes to number 3.

How did she bite him????

Right, Punkin. I was just going to ask that.

Gum him to death?

Back up... she has a gum!

Was he trying to make her an in-dentured servent ? Heh..get it ?

Maybe she had a back up denture with her and that's how she bit him? Snork @ NMUA. This dentist's life is not going to be easy in prison if he's convicted. Can you imagine telling Bubba you're in for beating up a 85 year old lady?

Did he hire an attorney on retainer?

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