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May 27, 2011


Boy, 10, drags 6-foot alligator home from canal

(Thanks to Gator Jane, Jeff Meyerson and Ralph)


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Can you imagine how embarrassed the gator is?

Yeah, wiredog, he has to go back to all his alligator friends and tell 'em he was wrassled down by a 10-year-old boy! bwaahaaaaahaaaaa

Wussy Gator.

At this point, the gator tries to make puppy dog sad
eyes, but instead only has what are often called
"crocodile tears"....

This kid will have his own reality show by age eleven, if he survives that long.

He's a natural for politics.

"Oh sure, but when I ask you to take the garbage out all you do is pitch a fit!"

He'll never see 11.

"But mom, you told me to stop playing video games and find an adventure outside."

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