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May 31, 2011


Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf denies visiting strip club

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"...the king's wife, German-born Queen Silvia, had launched a probe into her father..."

key quote

Swedish Mafia would be a good name for an easy listening band.

I know it may be hard (ahem) but I'm sure the blog guys will be willing to gird their loins (so to speak) and examine the pictures of the naked strippers to see if the King is in them (again, so to speak).

No need to thank me.

first time any king did anything like that..

It's good to be king!

I've studied abroad.
Or two.

Swedish mafia reminds me of vikings for some reason. I suspect the vikings were a lot more influential (they made it down to Hungary for petes sake. My son told me Norwegian is the basis for Hungarian. Who'd a thought.)

If you can't do stuff like this then what exactly is the point of being king?

The Booger King.

All the press had to do is find the valet who had to park the chariot.

I doubt really that he went there. If you are King you have the strippers arrive at the palace.

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