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May 26, 2011


Fun with shopping carts.

(Thanks to funny man)


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I hope they never get their hands on this. Please note you did not see any women doing stunts with the shopping carts. They were standing nearby with bandages and splints.

I always wondered why so many of those carts are wobbly. The things we learn on this blog.

nursecindy, I believe I saw a couple of blondes amid the drunken frat boyz. I'm sure they were coerced to participate.

NC, there were a couple of the shots with women riding????. However this whole thing is too funny and needs to be removed before someone is badly injured from laughing. I almost hurt myself. And I was dumb enough to do something similar years ago while single and after several adult beverages.

How many beers does it take?

I'm thinking that a sponsership is in order.

I'm sure the women were sitting in the shopping carts minding their own business when that happened. I've never done anything like this but I did once ride across the school parking lot on the hood of a boyfriend's Fiat convertible.

My eldest starts high school in the fall, and learns to drive in a year. I looked at that video and saw my future. There is not enough bubblewrap in the world to protect him.

The difference between men and women:

I laughed, a lot.
My wife wouldn't even watch it.

I particularly liked the guy who pushed his buddy down the flight of stairs and the two who did the same in the house.

I'm guessing Mom wasn't home.

Here is a picture of Annie's son. I think this is a good idea.

Age of maturity for legal drinking = 21
Age when brain matures = 28+
That gives you 6 or more years to have fun before you realize how much of an a** you're being.

All covered, now, under Obamacare.

When they get hold of this, the Republicans will be for heavy prison sentences for people damaging commercial property by sheer vandalism.
The Democrats will demand seatbelts and airbags on all shopping carts.
For all those who are worried because they have boys: we raised (reared, for those who drink tea) two girls. They got into just as much trouble and wrecked one or two cars. One even got caught by the State Police after an incident involving a full moon, if you get my drift. That one is now a responsible mother living in Florida.

This happens daily at my second-closest-to home WalMart.

More often than not, it's the store employees who
are "racing" the carts back inside.

*snork*@nc's pic. My youngest is now of age to get his permit. I am putting him in bubble wrap, and covering the car in industrial strength foam, that is when I start letting him drive...when he turns 30.

>That one is now a responsible mother living in Florida.

Florida. Says it all.

It is really sad to see how stupid young people behave now. We NEVER got drunk and mucked about it shopping carts. We got drunk and used actual cars and firearms. Plus the occasional Cessna.

My 2 1/2 yr old grandson is already becoming a man... yesterday he told me MY TV was little and HIS TV was big. He also told me his pee-pee would not break off, because it's special.

Finishing instructions: At age 18 add beer and shake.

Video looked like a competition for a shopping-cart category for the Darwin awards -- EMTs certainly were needed after some of those. At least there were helmets in two of the clips, and some crashes actually involved landings on grass instead of asphalt or pavement. In another category of "you can't fix stupid," the guy who tried sliding down a stairwell banister at the baseball field in Denver died from his head injury. He was 27, have to agree with Frederic still an immature brain.

o/t but, we are under a tornado warning here in N.C. Keep your fingers crossed for us okay? It's beginning to sound like the 4th of July outside with the thunder and lightening. I HATE STORMS!! Back o/t.

Tornado warning up here in VER-frikkin-MONT!!!

Punkin, I didn't know they had tornadoes in Vermont! We have gone from 87 degrees to 71 degrees in the past 30 mins. I'm typing while under the bed.

Oldfatguy: That is definitely not a guy doing a swan dive onto the pavement while pushing a cart (2:31 in the vid). I hope her padding wasn't badly damaged.


We had a few tornadoes in California ! Up in Chico, about 2 hours inland and north of Sacramento - too bad they didn't *HIT* Sacramento - we might be having emergency elections this fall.

I think the worst of it is over here thank goodness.

Didn't mean to trivialize your tornado watch, NC - glad your storms have eased. Punkin - how is it up by you ?

ANNIE - you are *FAR* too young to have a boy in hi school. I recommend keeping him in middle school until *you* are ready for a hi schooler.

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