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May 25, 2011


Bruce Auchly, information officer for Fish, Wildlife & Parks, said the young bear had been going back and forth in front of the terminal doors, triggering the motion detectors to open the doors, though it did not enter the building.

(Thanks to Jan Haemig)


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That's the last time I'm flying Southwest, Boo Boo.

First they tell me I'm too fat and must buy a second seat. Then they tell me I'm a bear and can't fly at all.

What's the big deal? My sons do that all the time.

And shouldn't it be "African-American" bear? Tsk, tsk...

This is old news. TSA agents shot a man in a wheelchair with a tranquilizing dart last week.

It was looking for a one-quart resealable plastic bag.

Clearly it was waiting for someone. Was another bear stuck in Chicago?

You just know that a squirrel was the mastermind.

guess he didn't have the right to bear arms in the airport

"By the time Logan arrived, the animal had climbed a tree near the west end of the terminal"...in order to avoid the backscatter xray.

Maybe it was waiting for an invitation to enter. Some of our bears can be much less polite.

Bears just want to have fun.

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