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May 29, 2011


A new survey by the GMAC National Drivers Test shows that almost one in five drivers in the U.S. should not be driving, according to a GMAC Insurance press release.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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HAve you been on the road lately? Not just Miami,
mon ami, but everywhere.

It's more likely 3 outta five.

and they are all in the left turn lane, in front of me. without the turn blinker on.
oh wait. i dont have a car. i think i know why.

Get the morons with cell phones off the road and there goes half the problem.

Clankazoid, I do the best I can but it's not easy handling a Big Gulp and a cellphone while driving.

...and putting on makeup.

That's why I love the air horn on our geezer bus.

Don't forget touching up a manicure, Dorakay. We ladies call it 'multitasking'.

Exactly cindy...I mean how do these people think we ladies get all the things done we need to in a day.

The big gulp goes between one's legs and you steer with your feet. Putting on the make up obviously takes two hands. And the cell phone gets tied to one's eyebrow with fish line and swings distractingly in front of one's face.

And if you have that nose extension thingy, you can text....

No. It's usually geezers driving pickup trucks while wearing hats, who also have absolutely none of their mirrors adjusted to see anything around them.
These people usually drive 15 to 25 miles below the posted speed limit because, in their opinion, they are the only ones on the road. After all, they don't see anyone else out there.
The good news is that they are unispeed. If they are doing 40 in a 55 mph zone, when they enter town and the speed limit drops to 25, they keep on doing 40.
For some reason, they are never pulled over.

That is why I drive a Hummer!

I drove a truck for several years and based on the things I have seen people do while driving, I would never get on a highway again if I did not have to do so. My wife gets real unhappy with me when I avoid the interstates. At least I don't drive a truck anymore,

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