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May 25, 2011


It's easy for tourists to find all the best restaurants.

Good food

Jackalope sml


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Boat House Grill? I wasn't aware that Austin was by the seashore.

The Jackalope Club was Hugh's first idea.

But the Jackalope kept butting customers,
making it a not-very friendly club.

Hugh's mom suggested that the easter Bunny would have been a nicer attraction. and Hugh modified that idea, and ran with it!

Just to protect myself legally, ya'll do realise I was talking about Hugh Beaumont, who was up for the lead in Harvey, till he was upstaged by a certain Jimmy.

When I was in Texas many several years ago I saw a postcard for sale with the 'Worlds Largest Jackalope' on the front. I thought these were real 10' tall animals that hopped around Texas. In my defense I was only about 10 years old. Judi, I hope you realize that now you have posted these pictures your trip has become tax deductible. Don't forget to give Dave your expense report. Funny man, I love that movie!

one of my fave movies too. i cant imagine anyone but jimmy stewart in that role.

Guin, there are several lakes and rivers in Austin.

And Jimmy Stewart is awesome. How many actors nowadays can say they were Air Force Generals?

I'll have what that jackalope's having.

LeDud I hadn't even noticed what was in the picture with the Jackalope until you pointed it out. Shame on you!

actually this was on the road out of town going towards lake travis, but i don't believe there was any particular boating area on the side of the highway near this establishment. it's just called that.
the seahorse in the the seahorse-n-football photo was at lake travis. but again, i don't believe that there are actually any seahorses IN lake travis, which is a freshwater lake....

and I doubt there are any football players in lake travis either.

Welcome to God's country. Just don't post a picture of Leslie -- He gets enough publicity already.

To call Leslie a "He" is a stretch!

In addition to great food and libations, Austin has the
best music, notwithstanding an invasion by the RBRs, and most beautiful women in the world. Enjoy Dave.

Another perspective on Austin.

Judi - how was hippie hollow? Stop by the Oasis and watch the sunset over the lake.

we drove by hippie hollow, and we had dinner at uncle billy's at the oasis and took some great sunrise pics ;)

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