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May 27, 2011


Biologist Counting How Many Bugs Are Killed by Cars

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger)


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Any word on the man's marital status?

No doubt single, Minx, and living in his mama's basement.

I know that I, personally, have killed 250 billion pairs of Love Bugs in a short drive in Florida.
The only consolation is that they died happy and doing what they loved.

I'm guessing he's very, very lonely, Minx.

But Jeff, the article said he has about a quintillion little friends.

Steve, I killed at least that many driving to and from Sarasota a few weeks ago. As much as I hate those bugs, I would have been happy to let them live and not splat all over my car. They're a BYOTCH to clean up.

*Hugs Siouxie* It's good to see you on the blog today! I was trying to add up how many bugs I've killed when they fly into my car and I think I've killed all of them. I've never seen one bounce off and fly away.

The hidden motive: he's out for revenge! He's a giant
bug just wearing a disguise!
I'd rather know how many bugs killed cars.
(This reminds me of the Willard movie, although this time it's bugs instead of rats.)

I can provide this guy with the conclusion right now: The answer is "Not Enough".

Squished insects are hard enough to count; if he wants people to distinguish between bugs (Hemiptera) and other insects there should be a standard protocol -- appearance, smell, taste, etc.

Siouxie, try a little Coke and a plastic dish scrubber. Use a light touch and wash the Coke off right after. It's the acid in the Coke that works. Which is ironic because it's the acid in the bugs that damages.

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