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May 27, 2011


Flash Mob Dance Party Breaks Out As Stripper Works Pole On NYC ‘L’ Train

(Thanks to Siouxie and Jeff Meyerson)


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Beat me to it, Siouxie. I just sent that in.

Sorry I missed the ride but you'll notice it's all the "hipster" types who have moved to Williamsburg in recent years.

here's the video.

Don't make me SMACK you, Jeffy!! I haven't sent stuff in...IN MONTHS! The video is there ;P

Is it me or is anyone else a bit disturbed by him wearing those stilettos?


Not if he has the legs for them.

Don't try this on Chicago L trains, either.

They will expect financial adulations and if not flowing, may just stab ya. I speak from experience--not stabbed case I "donated."

is it just me or are more and more freaky people
out in public than ever before?

*note to self: pack stilettos and g-string next trip to NYC.*

*notes to self: pack extra batteries for camera when traveling with tony*

How could you try this in Indiana? They don't have a subway.

The stripper was a GUY? Son, I am disappoint.

A routine like that would have livened up " West Side Story " .

All y'all citifolk are weird. Nice shoes, though.

The Indiana version is probably riding a cow naked through a rush out corn field.

Otherwise, GAG.

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