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May 31, 2011


Plague of ravenous mice eat farmer John Gregory's pigs

Key Excerpt: Now, as a desperate last resort, he is covering his pigs at a farm property in Wynarka, 130km east of Adelaide, in engine oil to protect them from the mice, with the rodents apparently turned off by the taste.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Ravenous Mice
John Gregory's Pigs

didnt know mouses could do that kind of damage. i thought they were vegans.

Just so long as he washes off the pigs before they go to market.

You never know where that oil's been.

"We went away in the school holidays and when we came back we drove up the driveway and it looked like the ground was moving - there were hundreds of thousands of them."

*cancels trip to South Australia*

A couple of crocodiles should help the problem. I'm with Coconuts. I'm definitely crossing South Australia off my list of "must see" places to visit.

Back when I was with the health department, I used to recommend the sugar/cement mix to people who didn't like the idea of rat poison.
Testimony showed it worked. It has to be put in a dry location or covered to keep moisture out.

Hmm... I probably want to avoid eating the pork rinds from that farm.

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