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May 25, 2011


The Austin area is home to some stunning works of art.
Football seahorse


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Well we all know the famous football team called the Sea Horses, don't we?

And the dude on the right lobbing a grenade?

If I were that statue, I'd hide my face, too. How embarassing to be in that uh, stunning tableau.

Any Velvet Elvis' at the booth behind the woman with the cell phone?

I think a statue of Ben Hogan or Byron Nelson would have been more appropriate with the seahorse.

Okay, what is this obsession Austin has with the ocean? First the Boat House restaurant, now a seahorse. Are they looking forward to the global warming flood, or what?

(Pssst, Guin, they have a River Walk area that is very touristy. Either that or they're doing it just to bug you.)

Keep Austin Weird

"Punt, Pass, & Ketch"?

After knocking Aquaman out with a well-aimed football grenade, the Gridiron Goons ignored his trusty mount, Storm. That was their first mistake...

I saw this movie! "G.I.Joe pLays Football Under the Sea." Was supposed to feature Ariel but due to contract negotiations, she was blocked by her "owners"....

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