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May 31, 2011


BLACKLICK, Ohio -- According to a Columbus Police report, on Sunday, May 22, a woman opened the door of her house on Camshire Court in Blacklick and found a naked man hiding in her laundry room.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Officers arrived as the suspect was walking away with the woman’s daughter.
Please tell me he wasn't still naked.

Ok. He wasn't nekid. Maybe.

This leaves so much of the story untold. How old were the lovebirds?
Was his laundry done or still washing?

She was 22, Steve.

Him, we can only speculate.

There can be no better way to make a great first impression on your future mother-in-law. Well, other than lifting her and her car up in your forklift and the slamming them down.

An excellent example of both the gravitas of the news and the quality of the reporting that we in central Ohio endure when OSU football isn't imploding.

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