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May 24, 2011


WORKERS at a casino in New Zealand's largest city have been forced to wear flea collars to work in a bid to ward off fleas.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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More like Ickland.

There is no way I would wear a flea collar while at work. If your (not you're) employer mentions wearing a flea collar then it's probably time to look for a new job.

Flee collar.

Hungly ? Tly flee buffet.

They make that stuff applied to the nape of the neck. Of course it's quite poisonous. No matter.

Punk it up with studs. The real problem is when the boss requires the shock collar.

A local office had something similar with a bedbug outbreak.

Why don't they close the place for awhile and fumigate it?

New Zealand ? The fleas are probably coming from the stables in Rohan.

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