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May 24, 2011


An exciting new hand sanitizer.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Maybe I didn't! *buys 5 bottle for Allen at Division*

Maybe???? They mean in the last five minutes, right?

*makes note to NEVER shake hands with Layzeeboy*

*wonders which division Allen was searching*

ooh! ooh! touch mine!

isn't there a 3-second rule?

Relevant comment: Ew.
OT comment: Mud, I just noticed you're in Columbus. If you like baseball can you please go to the Big 10 tournment tomorrow and cheer for Penn State so they get good karma? It's too far for me to go. My son plays for Penn State.

Guin, I'm not in Columbus but I will still cheer for your son.

Way too many possibilities for this blog.

I'll think I'll stick with Purcell.

<3 Cindy.

you mean Purell? i dont know purcell.
and keep your hands to yourself, just not too often you will go blind.

cindy, you need new and improved Maybe HE Touched HIS Genitals hand sanitizer. You could probably use it in the hospital anyway.

Funny, the hand disinfectant I got as a present is called "You Know Damn Well You Were Scratching Your Crotch!" Thanks a LOT, Mom.

There's a product in search of an appropriate celebrity endorsement.

Clanky, DEFinitely Gene Simmons. For the female version, Courtney Love.

nah, i think MJ would have been the ultimate celebrity endorser. so what if he's dead.

My genitals are clean.

queensy, I think I just figured out why MJ wore one glove all the time.

3< guin.

go bucks.

No maybe about it - but I'm assuming it's fake.

Can You Smell My Finger?

That's an exciting title alright. I can just see it now using my new hand sanitizer after waiting on customers. Then they ask, "What's that you're using?"Then show them the name and see the look on their face. Too funny.

In America, maybe you touch your genitals. In Soviet Russia, your genitals maybe touch you!

Maybe?.....if it is a guy there is no maybe. The good lord gave guy's two hands so he can switch off scratchin'. Elaine "I don't know how you guys..." picture would be good.

I'm a guy, so mine are multipurpose but lacking in guidance. Unless I fulfill my manly duties, they are aimless and forlorn, lacking proper focus: I pee on my shoes.

Why do women rub their eyes in the morning?

Because they don't have balls to scratch.


If you don't have hand sanitizer, rely on your dog. They can always sniff out a recent masturbator.

There's a missed marketing opportunity here, though. They should combine this with Nair and pitch it as a product that'll also get rid of the hair on your palms if you did touch 'em.

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