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May 31, 2011


Police baffled by exploding excrement

This has been the Canadian Crime Roundup.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Any signs of llamas in the area?

Yes, I've wondered about the success of Mr. Bieber as well.

Maybe the mafia is getting greener with bio-degradable bombs.

Anyone who has eaten at a Chinese buffet knows all about exploding excrement.

Exploding Excrement opened for Megadeath back in 88.

Somehow, Taco Bell is involved with this.

detonating organic incendiary devices is a criminal offence

So lighting farts is a felony?

Does this mean Kamploops has Bruins fans in the area?

Now, if we're talking Packers-Bears, I could understand...

I used to just leave a (full) paper bag by the front door, light the top of it, ring the bell and run. Much simpler.

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