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May 26, 2011


Scientists report that dogs slobber all over the place when drinking water

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I believe our scientists are running out of things to study. I could have told them that. They may also be surprised to find out that if you lay a cookie on the coffee table your lab will assume you put it there for them.

Harvard and MIT researchers - is our boffins learning?

i'm afraid to ask... is our tax dollars working?

Sadly I work at a university so this does not surprise me.

Some guys do this, and a few do it (for)(with?) beer.

I bet this study didn't cost a fraction of the budget for Oprah's Self-Congradualatory Farewell Tour.

Congratulatory - sorry

What's Oprah got to do with adhesive powers - oh never mind.

Scientists slobber all over the place when drinking Scotch.

"Dogs don't care," Crompton said.
Our dogs care PASSIONATELY, but not necessarily about what we think they should.
They used to think the ladies at the Old Folks Home (an alias, but that's what we called it) behind our old house were major threats. When they were all the way across the yard. Up close, the ladies got licked like every one else. Where did those dangerous people go, now?
To us, the squirrels on the farm are not a threat. To the dogs, the danger is on a nuclear level.

Duh, I have 2 cocker spaniels that leave puddles all over the floor after they get a drink. Not to mention what drips off their ears after they dip them in the water dish.

Same here, rob - our schnocker's goatee gets immersed, then dribbles everywhere. It's so damn fashionable, though, we can't bear to trim it. Without it, he'd be so much less of a dog.

My dog Bruno and I could’ve been set for life had I thought of this first. On the one hand, the fact that people can still get millions for grants in a recession to prove things any idiot knows is just downright infuriating. On the other hand, it is also inspiring, and a testament to the pioneering American spirit. Time to put my thinking cap on...

Huh. I need a grant for "all species evacuate and defecate" - I know I can back this up - we have proof all over the yard, on our cars, and even places it's not polite to discuss in mixed company.

and this will amaze youse - i read only last week that rich people have more money than poor people. whooda thunk that, duh.

Dogs are funny. I used to live next to a couple who had 2 little dogs. If I went out in my back yard, they (the dogs) would bark fiercely at me. If I met them in the front yard, they (still the dogs) would be friendly to the point of trying (and succeeding because I'm a softy with dogs) to get in my lap.

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