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May 30, 2011

ART burrrrppp UPDATE

Recently, French-born, Berlin-based artist Cyprien Gaillard built a pyramid out of 72,000 bottles of beer at KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin and invited visitors to contribute in a key way: by getting bombed on it.

(Thanks to Philippe "Mr. Petanque USA" Boets)


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I don't care how free it is, warm beer is warm beer. Yuck.

Looks like a human anthill (Yay! for Monsieur Petanque!)

Hi Annie - can you imagine the line at the bathroom?

The real bathroom or around the corner outside?

conceptual art gets hopping.

Hic manebimus optime. Hic!

I wouldn't have wanted to be at the bottom of that pyramid, Philippe. I couldn't help but notice when our President was drinking his pint of Guinness that he made a slight face. I guess he doesn't like warm beer either. I don't blame him.

nursecindy - Guinness is awesome. He made a face because he knew that in a few seconds, that pint would be history.

OK, when I think of buying beer, the prices $.30 for a 12 oz and 50 cents for a tall-boy come to mind. Of course, that was from a bootlegger and it was a few months...OK, a few decades ago.
Any guess on the cost? Did he go cheapo and get outdated beer?
Also: “Preserving a monument goes hand in hand with destroying it.”
Just when I thought I understood a concept in art, they have to come up with something like that.

I'm with Annie. I tried my first Guinness a few years ago in Banff, Alberta, at a little Irish pub. Not quite sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised and drank the whole pint. It reminded me of espresso...rich, dark, and satisfying.

Too much artsy-fartsy stuff and
is what can happen.

Which is why the CDC released the Zombie attack guidelines.

Looks like a big beer driven ant hill.

Isn't this how World War II started?

Or was that cows running amok?

Being 1/2 Irish and 1/2 Scottish, I've had a pint or twelve of Guinness in my lifetime. It is very good.

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