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May 26, 2011


Severed head of genital disease saint for sale in Ireland

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown, who notes that Father's Day is coming.)


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Which head?

As a fairly good Catholic I've always loved relics from saints. I'll pass on this one though. Besides I've always thought it was against Church law to sell Holy Relics. Has anyone told the Pope about this?

It'll sell faster on eBay! Body parts are in demand.

i saw genital disease saint open for toad the wet sprocket.

Darn, I accidentally deleted my post.

I was trying to say that I always thought St. Vitalis was the patron saint of slicked-back hair, not genital diseases.

Who knew?

So I'm hearing that they kept the head in the head?

Jeff I had no idea they still made that stuff.

I'm sure he was a fine Saint and can heal the sick.
But Saint Viagra can raise the dead.

St. Vitalis and St. Veofive often mistaken for same man.

One wonders how they protected it against the elements, elephants, and air.

Was it is a sealed bag, a glass vase/container, or
emulsified in a bucket? I would imagine without some
"intervention" it would stink a lot and attract a lot of flies.

Nancy's right, is wrong to sell relics. However, if you want to buy them to rescue them from profanation, that is entirely legal.

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