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May 25, 2011


Blogging from me will be light today, because I'm in New York for the booksellers convention, which is where we authors go to act like complete strumpets meet with booksellers. Last night at the Disney Publishing dinner a group of men who have written children's books sang a protest song in honor of Bob Dylan's 70th birthday, titled "Everybody's Writing a Goddam Children's Book." The group was (from left) Ridley Pearson, Eoin Colfer, Rick Riordan, the late Ray Charles and Mo Willems (who took a triangle solo). When we were finished there was hardly a pair of dry underpants in the house.



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That ain't Ray, babe.

Ray, you're (not your) white...and alive.

I'm so confused.

Dave you love your blue shirts. I'll bet you have a closet full.

I wet my Depends just thinking about it.

I think there might be a conspiracy afoot. I didn't see any reference to the song at http://www.shelf-awareness.com/issue.html?issue=1470#m12352

Dave wrote a book?

No video? Dave, you're (not your) toying with us.

It must be wonderful going through life wondering what the word "inhibitions" means.

Wish I could have seen that! Priceless!-Michelle M.-Children's Librarian

Dang it, dude! Bring on the song!!

Gee, Dave, how about a sample of the musical mischeif melodies?

But you failed also to note whether Walt was there or not, having overcome his cancer??? And I 'm not talking about your Walter

welcome to noo yawk. feel free if you get a chance to come up the hudson to the state crapitol. i work across the st. dunkin donuts right in thebldg, so find a cop and come on up.


Did the guy who wrote "Go the F**k to Sleep" help you with the lyrics?

Dave, writing is a serious business. If you and some of those others would buckle down you all could be moderately successful some day. btw, I reread "Boogers Are My Beat" the other day and I'm curious about something. You mentioned Ridley is so organized that he knows what he is going to have for breakfast on May 23, 2011. (this was written in 2004) I would like to know if in fact he did have lightly buttered toast, tea, and oatmeal.

Love the song title!

If I Had A Ham. Both kinds.

Mo better watch his triangulation on Dave, IYKWIM.

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