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May 29, 2011


Beware! Hand sanitizers can get you drunk

(Thanks to Joe in Japan)


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there's another good excuse for bad driving... but occifer, i was just cleaning my hands....

Is that intended to be a warning or a tip?

Moral of the story: Study for your urine test.

So now we'll be seeing celebrities doing commercials for Paul Masson hand soaps ?

And people think we nurses wash our hands a lot because of germs. Ha!

Could this be used to liven up dull parties?

I've known campers who use hand sanitizer to start campfires.

Researchers analyzed 11 participants who used the hand sanitizer 'Purell' once every five minutes during three 10-hour days.

Once every five minutes? Can you say OCD?

Coconuts, I've probably used it more than that on some heavy work days. If djtonyb is reading the blog I need to know what wine would have gone with my family lunch today. I had fried chicken, fresh green beans, mashed potatoes (not the boxed kind either), buttermilk biscuits (from scratch) and homemade chocolate brownies with frosting (they were still warm from the oven). Does white go with poultry? Of course you realize I'm trying to make the blog hungry. I would offer leftovers but my kids ate it all up. I wanted the wine so I could drink something until they all left.

" We will sell no hand sanitizer before its time. "

Do these people actually have any fingers left? If so, I bet they are way clean. You could eat off them.

Here's an app that lets you vent your road rage and rate bad driver online.

WAIT! Could it be because they are 90% ALCOHOL?

Just askin'

why wait for absorption? clean your tongue and tonsils...

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