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May 26, 2011


We got yer academic posting right here.

(Thanks to Tagman)


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You really need a PhD to instruct THAT?

I figure learning "Up & Down" on Sesame Street would suffice.

That should be a union position.

Probably involves a lot of manual labor.

I was home schooled on this subject

?? Blank page.

Apparently they fixed it because there is no position listed on that link.

a handy tip - I had to click back again on the link to get it to work. The first time, it went to a default site. Try re-visiting.

For those who missed:

Position Title: Johnson Instructor Position Type: Other Academic Personnel

They could be a little more specific on what you're supposed to do with said Johnson.

It would be even better if it turns out that the successful applicant's name qualifies him for This Blog's Strict Policy.

I never knew that "Johnson" was another name for something. I found out when I gave my son a "Big Johnson" t-shirt for Christmas one year and he almost fainted from embarrassment. I thought it was cute because my maiden name is Johnson.

So cindy, your lineage has a major Johnson component, eh?

heh heh
heh heh

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