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April 21, 2011


They're vigilant.



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Vigilant? As in, they know when there's a sucker nearby?

Ah yes, my dog Max's favorite position. It's important to always be ready for a belly rub.

Dogs just love laying like that.

It's a trick -- the dog is setting up maximum sensor range to detect any postal employee, delivery person, squirrel or family friend who dislikes dogs.

Maybe "Lucy" should be renamed "Loosie."

That is the Tai Chi position "Reclining Wolf."

They drag their butts on the carpet to keep themselves awake while on duty.

She's using her sensitive skull & spinal chord to detect minute vibrations and shifts in the Earths' crust.

Lucy is a genius K-9 Seismologist, Dave. She deserves extra treats.

That's exactly how my lab, Daisy, watches TV. Occasionally she'll squirm around to scratch her back. btw, would the makers of any TV commercials that start out with a door bell ringing please stop it? Whenever one of those commercials come on TV I spend the next 5 mins. yelling, "It's on the TV, dammit!" to make the dogs stop barking.

Taught our labrador to do this whenever we point a finger at her and say 'bang!'

Lucy is dreaming of salty cats --->

NC --
So I shouldn't see if there is a phone app that has a random timing doorbell sound?

NMUA, only if you want to go to the ER to have the phone removed from your app.

nc -- me too, with my cats except they are quiet. If they are on a lap, however, you get deep clawmarks as they leap off of you.

Maybe that guy Pavlov was onto something.

Maybe we should all change our doorbell sounds. A voice yelling "Sit! Stay!" might help.

Considering Lucy and her hedgehog are in the same position you may want to check the house for a gas leak.

A dog's life. Gimme.

Yeah...dogs...buy them an expensive doggie bed, and they lay on the floor.

First thing in the morning we call it "back dancing".

Jack Bauer Beagle is always vigilant, even when asleep (20 hours a day). Try to sneak a snack and the slightest sound of cellophane brings him to full slavering DefCon 5.

M-shark - if there's a dog in the house, trust me, there's gas.

Yes, dogs produce some aromas. Why is it that a dog's nose is supposed to be thousands of time more sensitive than mine but Stewie can emit a fragrance that would gag a rat and neither dog seems to be aware of it? Or aware of much of anything else?
That dog does look comfy. She probably got too close to Stewie and was stunned as a result.

Not My Usual Alias.

Or in the case of my dog, air molecules.

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