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April 25, 2011


We have an entirely different caliber of household pest.

(Thanks to J*** M*******, Matt Filar and The Perts)


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When I was in school in Kentucky, I had a basement apartment with cockroaches that could have eaten that puppy.

What's the big hassle? He used the guest bathroom, didn't he?

We're going to need a really big can of Raid.

So she kept the alligator?

The article never once mentions that someone removed
the gator.

Did she take a likin to it, or think it was cheaper than a guard dog?

If only Elly May Clampett made house calls!


Good thing it didn't get into the shoe closet, or it might have gotten a little angry.

WARNING This house protected by guard alligator three nights a week, you guess which three.

Doesn't anyone else tell their kids about the Easter Alligator?

Damn, Florida termites are huge.

Silly people. That's a Florida leezard.

It followed me home, Mommy; can I keep it?

See ya later, well, you know.

"My what pretty sharp teeth you have". "The better to eat you my darling".

Some of you see a large alligator, I see a pair of shoes with a matching purse. It's all in how you look at it.

I think Lubriderm will get rid of that, if commercials are to be believed.

Wow, he's housebroken?

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