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April 25, 2011


A patient who apparently ingested rodent poison and is emitting potentially harmful gasses has created a hazardous material situation at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor.

(Thanks to Jimmy Madigan)


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I sure hope they gave him some Vitamin K before they isolated him. Otherwise they may have a larger problem on their hands.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

If Mr. Coconuts weren't sitting here right next to me, I'd wonder...

"Get me a set of double-lined gloves, a ventilator, and a titanium bedpan, Stat!"

Doesn't every guy emit harmful gases?

NurseCindy? Expert medical opinion, please?

PirateBoy, first I'm wondering why Sharkie needs a ventilator. Men ALL emit harmful gases. Ladies get the vapors. It's a known medical fact.

Off-topic for nursecindy:

About 25 years ago, I had a friend who was an ER nurse at a hospital in Riverside, Ca. A female cancer patient came in, complaining of general pain. They drew blood, and it literally crystallized in the syringe. The phone call we got said "The blood looks like it has diamonds in it". The PA in the room at the time then reported a strange odor and passed out, as did several of the nurses and support staff. The final verdict was that the patient was consuming mass amounts of laetrile, and it reacted with something (unknown to this day with what) and literally created "nerve gas". Yet the insurance company called it mass hysteria and refused to cover the costs, which I explains why the PA (Now an MD) still has to walk with a cane today.


i didn't do it.

The patient has blamed it on the dog.

Let's put the spammer in with the patient. For claiming to be a Linux supporter while he's at it, double the time in there.

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