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April 23, 2011


"OK, I will go to Citibank . . . I will rob them instead!" Harold Luken, 45, allegedly declared in the Forest Hills branch shortly before being grabbed by cops, police sources said.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson) (That's Jeff Meyerson)


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Unclear on the concept. Don't tell him your secrets.

Oh, man! I thought Jeff Meyerson sent this in.

This guy was awfully polite to be a bank robber. btw, who sent this in?

I'm gonna have to remember to send in the preferred placement premium fee next time I submit an item.

i'll be checking with jeffy before i send anything in....:)

Please tell me alcohol was involved.....or is this guy just a complete moron?

Coconuts, I think he is just a moron.

Alright, nobody move! This is a deposit!

Hopefully Jeff can have his bowel movement now.

Actually, I posted this as a comment at 7:58 P.M. last Wednesday.

Never mind.

Has JEFF MEYERSON had his bowel movement yet?

And sent it to Dave?

*SMACKS* Wingnut and hogsatemysister.

I'm sorry Wingnut and hogsatemysister. I meant to say, *SMACKS BM* out of both of you..

I'm confused. Is Jeff robbing banks again?

Thank you, Jeff Meyerson, for being so bold again.

ANd again. And again.

This blog owes you a HUGE debt. It's paid.

Next time I am in The burrough, I'd like to meet you. And I bet you're taller than Mayor Bloomberg!

Now, back to topic...

Knudsen was amazing: tell the dope to do to Citibank what they are doing to us!

Remember, the robber had a gub. I hope it wasn't Arnold. And even if it wasn't you could put out someone's eye with one of those.

Coconuts: Please don't call Jeff Meyerson a moron. :)

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