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April 21, 2011


Student gives teacher some of her mom's weed

(Thanks to Jeffrey Brown and Chris Elzi)


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Show and Tell and Do Time.

It was pizza day, and it wasn't weed, it was oregano.

Mom is from CA where she bought it from one of 72,685 recently established medical marijuana stores. And those are on Hollywood Blvd. Sunset has surpassed the 100k mark with the new unit at 7-11. It's ATM capable.

"No, no dear, remember? We agreed to call this extra credit."

South Dakota?

and all I get is student artwork and apple-shaped sticky notes...*sigh*

This is just wrong. Everyone knows teachers get presents at Christmas and graduation.

Or maybe it was a Mother's Day gift?

*snork* @ AWbh.


when i was in grad school in the paleolithic period, one of my profs got roach clips from her daughter for mother's day. the daughter was like, 11.
ahh, the good old days.

Little dude, you are grounded for the rest of your life. Dorito?

*snork* @ hogs.

Whatever happened to apples?

Florida's not here, man.

The state of munchies?

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Till the fink teacher turns you in....

The teacher shold have kept her mouth quiet, UNLESS she had reason to believe the child was a habitual user, or high....

And mom should kept her stash better stashed!!!

Oh well, it's jail time!

PS my comments were supposed to be sarcastic

Mom and kid need to learn and sing Ringo's NO NO song!


Police found mommy passed out on the sofa, having thus mixed her "mommyjuice" and her weed.

They decided they would move her to the city jail.
She mumbled something that sounded like "whatever."

You can only guess one state. But the state I live in is on Daisy's guess.

I have a feeling the mom lives in the state of denial.

Mother's little helper


Reefer polisher.

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