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April 22, 2011


It is SO here.

(Thanks to David Thielen)

CONTENT WARNING: Guys pretending to play piano but not using their hands, if you catch our drift.


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Available for circumcision parties.

eww. hope they wash off that keyboard.

Looked to me like the female judge climaxed somewhere around the 2 minute mark. By the end she has that "time for you to go home" look on her face.

so they're tinkling the ivories?

They shouldn't be proud about being able to play only 1 key at a time...

I call fake

Piano keys are pretty narrow, so you need something about finger-width to hit them precisely.

Huh. Guys usually don't advertise that sort of thing.

must be hard to play their instrument

...and, of course, they practiced on their organs...

ok i'll stop now

"Yeah, I'd hit that..."

Does this count as chop dicks?


Snork @ Cheesewiz. I would be more impressed if they played "Flight Of The Bumble Bee".

And they played without a conductor waving his baton.

we have aaa winner. snork @ cheesewhiz

Ain't hard rock.

Snake charmers.

RBR Warm-up Act?

I'll bet Mitch Albom could never do this while playing the keyboard for the RBR's.

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