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April 26, 2011


He came back with a rottweiler type dog and tried to set it on someone but the dog “simply sat there and defecated,” Ms Morgan said.

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Sounds like a typical Rottie. World's Biggest Lap Dogs.

Dog gave its opinion of its owner's 'sic 'em' order.

Yup, wiredog. Totally mushes. Sleep on the couch all day and lick the mailman to death.

I suppose it could have urinated all over the cough-drops....or beer nuts.

"I defecate in your general direction."

I said SIC dammit not Siht!

The dog was as full of s%!t as his owner.

Man o man. How pathetic. Even my golden retriever, the most gentle dog on the planet, would "man up" to defend me (not that I would ever ask him to do that).

I am looking for the new version of Webster's dictionarey which features this idiot's photo by the word "loser".

Sounds like Stewie, who is a "real man" of a pint-sized dog until real danger threatens.
Then, he's a barkin' fool. Standing right between my feet.

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