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April 22, 2011


Fugitive Louisiana Snake Farmer Busted Again In East Texas

The snake farm was called "High End Herps Inc.," which, as the story notes, "sounds like something you would catch from a Manhattan call girl."


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'David Hass-ill-coiffed'

They should take all his snakes away. Including the one he's most attached to.

Another episode of "Reno 911" has just written itself.

Louisiana authorities now think that some of the puppies and kitties the Beauchemins pledged to shelter wound up as slowly digesting lumps in the bellies of the giant snakes.

Oh no, Rover, what have I done. I thought they was good people.

The Manhattan call girl reference was cagey and should have been edited. The best little whore house of high end herps in Texas noted.

Never bring an ill-coiffed Cajun to a snake fight.

No, I don't know what that means, but I like it. ;)

Fugitive Snake Farmer WBAGNFARB or a Nicolas Cage movie.

Why did the writer of this story feel the need to comment on his hair?

Sounds like he took he thought he was hot sh!t.

I thought all the fugitive snakes were in the Everglades.

Given US puritanical editorial practice, how did "snake-shit" get printed? We must be catching up with Australia.

I want to see him dance like a demon.

"...an albino Burmese python, has a street value of $20,000." Maybe in Texas; elsewhere people almost give them away on craigslist. They're expensive to feed if you don't have a cat house nearby.

Enough is enough! We've had it with these motherf*cking snakes on his motherf*cking brain!

I'd swear this guy has been in Kentucky.
Several years ago, a pet shop owner south of our town was charged after throwing a live kitten to a Boa for food.
There were kids in the shop who saw.
Some people are just scum and content to be scum. "Scum" was their life's ambition and they succeeded.

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