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April 21, 2011


Kyrgyz Parliament Expels 'Evil Spirits'

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins and Heather Mays)


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Well, good luck with that.

Dances with Vowels may be out of luck on this one.

Next stop, Albany.

I haven't made lamb stew with thyme and beer in quite awhile.........

I know I'm stealing someone else's line, but here it comes anyway --

O'er ram parts we watched, were so gallantly steaming.

The only thing haunting Parliament is 7 really pissed off sheep.

What about the raw kids red glare ?

O'er the ramparts we watched...

We'd need the whole production of New Zealand for Washington.

I was wondering how many animals we'd have to sacrifice to solve the mess in Washington.
Then I realized that PETA would be there en mass to protest.
Then I thought that maybe we should kill two birds, so to speak, and sacrifice PETA.
Think it would work?

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