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April 22, 2011


The R2 Fish School is the complete fish training kit, everything you need to teach your fish to shoot hoops, limbo dance, play fetch, kick a goal and much more.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Fish School? That's Jack Black and Rob Schneider, right?

Ummmm, there are these things called "dogs".....

Fish are easily trained, so long as you limit the commands to "swim" or "die for some unknown, random reason".

I don't think our goldfish, Linda, would go for this. I can't even get the dogs to do any tricks.

I tried to teach a Chia Pet and a Pet Rock those same tricks. The kit was very detailed.

"Roll over and play dead" is easy for fish. Catching a Frisbee is more difficult. "Heel" doesn't work at all.

The entire animal world is full of untapped potential. They all want too play but don't have sporting equipment.

My tarantula, Kathy, would "sit" when told.
For days. She'd sit for days without moving.
She had been dead for, maybe four days before I realized she wasn't just being quiet.

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