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April 25, 2011


Authorities in Florida said a man told them he was struck in a bookstore parking lot for making a comment about "codpieces" to a testicle photographer.

(Thanks to NotSherly)


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I saw that yesterday (no, I didn't send it in) but couldn't follow the incomprehensible police report:

"(The testicle photographer) told (the codpiece commenter) that he felt he had been made fun of when (the codpiece commenter) interjected with a comment concerning 'codpieces, i.e. external jocks' while overhearing a conversation between (the testicle photographer) and another male concerning (the testicle photographer's) penchant for taking pictures of testicles," the report said.

And yes, The Testicle Photographer WBAGNFA Nicolas Cage movie.

Oh come on, does this mean I have to spend this week in this alternate reality? I thought that was last week. I also have no idea what the police report actually said, where is Car 54 when you need them. I know, I know, get on the bus.


In photographic terms, someone shuttered over their inadequate focal length. Exposure compensation caused him to snap.

The picture accompanying that article is more than a little alarming.

the ball guy is here!

Jeff, you read this and didn't send this in??

You are SLACKIN'!!

Said the Codpiece Commentator
to the Testicle Photographer
"A codpiece is an external jock"
Said the Testicle Photographer
to the Codpiece Commentator
"Shut up!" and gave him a sock.
Said the Codpiece Commentator
to the Testicle Photographer
"Not a sock - you're off a bunch"
Said the Testicle Photographer
to the Codpiece Commentator
"Shut up!" and gave him a punch.

Does the testicle photog go to stadiums to watch the ball boys. Seems like probably.

Yes, he does, Loud. And he leads cheers for the Nads.

Does a codpiece smell like fish?

Bet he cheers for the Yanks, too.

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. Testicle Photographer.

*standing ovation for JohnnyB*

Hold on a minute Layzeeboy. He's getting his extra zoom lens. If I hear 2 people discussing how much they enjoy taking pictures of certain body parts, I am NOT going to interrupt that conversation.

BonMot, it all depends on exactly where the cod has been hanging out.

I will bet he was the official photographer for the Missouri Testicle festival.

Blame it on an active cod.

Lonesome George and I do not like photographers.
Ve vant to be alone.

*snork* @ Ralph.

You know, AOL had some real nerve calling us the weirdest State.

Some real accuracy too.

Sounds more like a 10-2 to me.

Got some news for this guy. If you get your ass kicked by some guy who amuses himself by taking pictures of men's groin area, just shut up and go home. And donate your nads to someone who might actually use them.

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